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Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

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Placement Tests

Information on Language Proficiency and Placement

Placement exams are offered at the beginning of each semester. The dates and times of these exams are typically posted in December and early August, so please check back or contact the department if the information you need does not appear below.


These exams are diagnostic, and you do not need to study for them. They will test your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, as well as your reading comprehension and writing ability.


PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY ONLY TAKE THE EXAM FOR A GIVEN LANGUAGE ONCE, except by special permission of the Department's Language Program Coordinator.

The FAll 2017 russian & UKRAINIAN language placement and proficiency tests and BOSNIAN/CROATIAN/SERBIAN (BCS) PLACEMENT TEST will be held on:

The Fall 2017 POLISH PLACEMENT TEST will be held on:

Students can choose either of the two day/time slots. No registration is necessary. Students must present their I-Cards or another valid form of ID. Test results will be emailed to you within two or three days after the date of the exam. For further information, please read the explanation below or contact the department at:

General Information:

Every semester, the Slavic department offers placement and proficiency examinations in Russian and Polish (for information on exams in other Slavic languages, please see below).

For general questions regarding placement, please contact the Department's Language Program Coordinator, Dr. Roman Ivashkiv.

The placement exam covers the first and second year of language instruction (equivalent of 101,102, 201, 202); students who place "beyond the 4th semester" of the language fulfill their college foreign language requirement.

The proficiency exam covers the third and fourth year of language instruction. This exam is intended for students majoring or minoring in Russian or Polish, or for students going on to advanced study in the language who are unsure of their placement. This exam does not give credit to non-majors or non-minors.

The Slavic department no longer offers retroactive credit for language courses.

For placement questions specific to individual languages, please contact the following instructors:

Prof. Richard Tempest
Prof. David Cooper
Prof. George Gasyna
Dr. Roman Ivashkiv
Dr. Roman Ivashkiv
Dr. Roman Ivshkiv

The Slavic Department does not currently offer courses in Belorussian, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Romanian and does not offer placement/proficiency exams for these languages. Please contact the International Studies Building (333-6104) to learn whether these languages are possibly available elsewhere on campus. If not, try the University of Illinois, Chicago campus.