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Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Faculty, Teaching Assistants & Staff Directory

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Name Major Interests Office Phone E-mail
David L. Cooper Czech and Russian literature and culture; nationalism; forgery and mystification; translation studies 3131 FLB 244-4666
Michael Finke Chekhov; literature and medicine; literature and psychoanalysis; aviation and popular culture 2150 FLB 244-3068
George Gasyna Twentieth-century Polish literature; exile and emigration as discourse and as practice; modernism/postmodernism/avant-garde; diasporic and minority cultures; Jewish-Polish relations 3135 FLB 244-3070
Lilya Kaganovsky Soviet literature and film; film and critical theory; gender studies; nineteenth century novel; modernism 3038 FLB 333-6157
Harriet Murav Russian culture; film; women's studies; theater; and 19th century literature; also Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies 3148 FLB
Valeria Sobol Russian literature and culture of the eighteenth - nineteenth centuries; Empire and the Gothic; literature and science; travel literature; Ukrainian and Czech literatures 3133 FLB 244-1063
Richard Tempest Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature; Solzhenitsyn; Russian intellectual history; Russian and East European pop culture; Russian and East European science fiction; Bulgarian history, literature and culture; political bodies 3154 FLB 244-4720
Oleksandra Wallo Twentieth- and twenty-first-century Ukrainian and Russian literature; East European theater; post-colonial theory applications to the post-Soviet space; gender and nation studies; Slavic languages pedagogy 3129 FLB Dr. Wallo will be joining our faculty as of 16 August 2013  

Teaching Assistants

Name Office E-mail
Anna Arkatova FLB 3136
Irina Avkhimovich FLB 3136
Emily Ewers FLB 3136
Marina Filipovic FLB 3136
LeiAnna Hamel (not currently TA-ing)
Natalya Khokholova FLB 3136
Katerina Lakhmitko FLB 3136
Matthew Latawiec FLB 3132
Alejandra Pires FLB 3136
Jasmina Savic FLB 3136
Matthew Sutton FLB 3136

Visiting Faculty

Name Office Phone E-mail
Francis Butler 3146 FLB
Judith Pintar TBA

Affiliated Faculty

Name Office Phone E-mail
Tania Ionin 4109 FLB 333-7107
Valleri Hohman 4-122 Krannert

Mark Steinberg


309 Gregory Hall



Name Office Phone E-mail
Lenore Sroka 2090F FLB 244-2056
Lynn Stanke 3072 FLB 333-6269
Mary Ellen Fryer 3072 FLB 333-1433