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Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Faculty, Teaching Assistants & Staff Directory

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Name Major Interests Office Phone E-mail
David L. Cooper Czech and Russian literature and culture; nationalism; forgery and mystification; translation studies 2014 FLB 244-4666
Michael Finke
Chekhov; literature and medicine; literature and psychoanalysis; aviation and popular culture 2150 FLB 244-3068
George Gasyna Twentieth-century Polish literature; exile and emigration as discourse and as practice; modernism/postmodernism/avant-garde; diasporic and minority cultures; Jewish-Polish relations 3056 FLB 244-3070
Lilya Kaganovsky Soviet literature and film; film and critical theory; gender studies; nineteenth century novel; modernism 3038 FLB 333-6157
Harriet Murav Russian culture; film; women's studies; theater; and 19th century literature; also Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies 3148 FLB
Valeria Sobol Russian literature and culture of the eighteenth - nineteenth centuries; Empire and the Gothic; literature and science; travel literature; Ukrainian and Czech literatures 3133 FLB 244-1063
Richard Tempest Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian literature; Solzhenitsyn; Russian intellectual history; Russian and East European pop culture; Russian and East European science fiction; Bulgarian history, literature and culture; political bodies 3154 FLB 244-4720
Roman Ivashkiv Slavic, American, and Canadian Postmodernisms; Translation Studies (theory and practice); Psycholinguistics and Bilingualism; ESL and second-language acquisition; Slavic languages pedagogy 3129 FLB Dr. Ivashkiv serves as the Department's Language Program Coordinator
Laura Davies Brenier Theoretical linguistics, comparative Slavic linguistics, construction grammar, American (and other) Sign Language, Czech, Polish, Russian 3146 FLB

Teaching Assistants

Name Office E-mail
Marija Fedjanina FLB 3136
Marina Filipovic FLB 3136
LeiAnna Hamel FLB 3136
Serenity Orengo FLB 3136
Diana Sacilowski FLB 3136
Jasmina Savic FLB 3136

Visiting Faculty

Name Office Phone E-mail
Judith Pintar 3135 FLB

Affiliated Faculty

Name Office Phone E-mail
Tania Ionin 4109 FLB 333-7107
Valleri Robinson 4-122 Krannert
Kristin Romberg Art and Design Building

Mark Steinberg


309 Gregory Hall



Name Office Phone E-mail
Lenore Sroka 2090F FLB 244-2056
Lynn Stanke 3072 FLB 333-6269